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Homage Series - Models

     The Homage Series featured below are models currently available for sale. The Hot Cotati's and Schram Jets are our latest offerings for 2019 and are ready to ship. While some of our models have appeared at shows and  other venues, their journeys contribute to the exclusivity and overall history behind their storied past. 

      The stories featured below that accompany each set are a condensed "Reader's Digest" version of the book that comes with each set. The book will chronicle the build process, a history of the components and the woods used, and presented in a hardbound cover with a picture and name of the speakers titled The Story.

      Burwell & Sons welcomes visitors to our studio on the San Francisco Peninsula to experience a system any time. The Mother of Burls are making the rounds in the NYC area, the Plain Jane's are in the showroom of our A/V specialist in Napa Valley, and we're happy to arrange a viewing.

     Finish materials can vary wildly, so the associated cost and build technique can fluctuate. Also as component availability decreases over time, the costs are gradually rising as these relics become harder to find. Contact us for pricing.



Hot Cotati's

The Hot Cotati's are 2nd generation Homages featuring the Infinity Edge and all walnut exterior.

They are offered as a three way set with JBL 2405 slot tweeters, Altec 806A mid horns, and 15" Altec 803A woofers. 

The lovely couple in Cotati, Ca. were happy to hear their brothers speakers would find new life. 

Schram Jets

The SchramJets feature

gloss black front edging in

addition to the front curved interiors.

Combined with the infinity edge, we

achieved a stealthy look

as the front slanted panel is the only wood showing up front. 

These 3-way speakers have

15" Altec/Heath Kit woofers, Altec/Heath Kit 401-150 compression drivers for the main horns, and JBL 075 ring radiator tweeters.

The horns are California black walnut ,

with the walnut cabinets stained

to color match the horns.

Mother of Burls

     The MOB's derived their name

from the batch of lovely burl walnut veneer

we found to match the horns

dark burly pieces of walnut hardwoods.

The Mothers are 3-way speakers


15" Altec woofers from the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco,

Altec compression horn drivers, and JBL 075 ring radiator tweeters.

The finish on the cabinets was

wet sanded with Tung oil for the first coat, and hand oil rubbed for subsequent coats. 

The Plain Jane's

The Plain Jane's sport an

understated walnut exterior while being first to showcase our infinity edge.

Originally the Plain Jane's were built as a 2-way speaker featuring 15" Altec 803A woofers and 802D compression horn drivers. They have since been retrofitted to 3-ways with upgraded crossovers for the JBL 075 ring radiator compression tweeters.

The horns are carved from exquisite pieces of English Walnut. The light orange/brown coloring of the English walnut horns was captured in the cabinets with multiple coats of hand rubbed Tung Oil finish. 

The New Blacks

The New Blacks

are first generation Homage's

with the traditional front edging and all gloss black front interior.

These classic 2-way models house

15" Gauss woofers, and Altec 804A compression horn drivers that cover the high frequencies above 800Hz.

The elegant English walnut horns

are notable for the "graft" of California black walnut to the English walnut strategically on display in the front interior of each horn

The 1's

The Icons are the set used to introduce

Burwell & Sons to the audio world. This first generation Homage showcased traditional front edging on the cabinets.

The Icons set the stage for our signature look

with the interior curved panels trimmed

in gloss black and the slanted panel in wood.

Built as a classic 2-way loudspeaker,

The Icons now feature JBL LE15 woofers topped with Altec 802D compression drivers for the

high frequency horns.

Wrapped in lovely black walnut

the cabinets pick up the orange/brown hues of the English walnut horns as both are finished with a hand oil rubbed finish. 

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