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The Icons

The Story

     The Icons were the first set we built for show. Having learned our craft on various styles of prototypes, this set was our inaugural set to showcase our signature look of solid exotic hardwood horns set atop matching veneered cabinets with a gloss black interior.


     The Icons were the first set we had photographed by a professional and as a result they have shown up on our website and other promotional literature for quite some time. Still considered one of our favorite sets, the Icons were the first to be viewed by the audiophile community, and garnered us a ton of positive attention. Despite deficiencies in the performance side of the equation, the Icons proved worthy of further development as time and resources permitted, and launched us on an incredible journey.


     Looking back with amusement at our first show, it was good fortune to have a small regional show right in our backyard to make our debut. Literally two minutes up the freeway in neighboring Burlingame, we naively threw our hat in the ring and signed up. The promoter was gracious enough to set us up with a proper amplifier manufacturer so as not to embarrass ourselves with the cheap receiver from our shop. Long story short, bass and treble control fell out of favor with high end gear years (decades) back, and the lack of good bass response revealed itself immediately. By the next year we made tremendous improvements tuning the ports, much to the approval of the writers.


     While there have been many improvements since then, the overall design of the Icons was solid. Everything we’ve done with the Homage Series line of loudspeakers springs from the original concept the Icons represent. We knew to start with something that was beautiful to behold visually, and over time we would be able to get the performance to match. Looking back, we can proudly announce, mission accomplished.

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