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Single Jack Sub-Woofers

Single Jack, noun. One handed, 3-4 lb miniature sledgehammer


     At Burwell and Sons we applied our unique approach to speaker building to the design of this new sub woofer package. Aesthetics being paramount, we were sent down a path to multiple, smaller, sealed enclosures to achieve the unobtrusive beauty and musicality we were after. The modest sized enclosures are easy to place in a room to neutralize room anomalies. At our listening room, we can easily locate them directly behind the main speakers, where they literally disappear. For show, we do place them prominently side by side with the mains, as they are quite nice to look at.


     The standard package includes two, 1 cu ft, sealed enclosures, each housing a 12” woofer. The floating grill, designed as a “Cat Guard”, will also fend off small children and grandchildren. It's been said that this setup provides for a "seamless integration" with the main loudspeakers. Not an easy feat.


     Each package is powered by two, 1000 watt, rack mounted amplifiers, with built in crossovers. This setup provides for the bass to be to delivered in full stereo from both the left and right channels for superior performance. Some difficult rooms may necessitate two additional sub woofers, which can be placed asymmetrically throughout the room. The same two amps should be adequate.


     As we developed these new sub woofers, the recommended cabinet sizes for the woofers was much larger, but we felt it sounded rather bloated and was difficult to control. Having built various sizes for our testing purposes, we felt the smaller enclosure better enabled a diverse genre of music to be played from low to extreme SPL (sound pressure levels) quite effortlessly. Fast and tight is just what we were after to keep up with the dynamic realism of our Homage Series Loudspeakers. They hit real hard.


     After testing was completed it was time for demolition of the rejects. The large full size sledgehammer was cumbersome and fatiguing, and we accomplished the task faster and more efficiently with the small single jack sledgehammer. It was too obvious for us to ignore.

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