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Little Browns


     The Little Browns in Walnut are a traditional 2-way design with passive crossover featuring Great Plains Audio 15” woofers and compression horn drivers. These babies pack quite a punch. Without the added expense vintage drivers incur, the bloodline from Altec to GPA is maintained and the alnico drivers in this version should satisfy the purists out there.



     The Little Browns in Oak are a sharp departure from tradition as a fully powered stand alone loudspeaker system. Each cabinet has a built in plate amp with electronic crossover and Digital Signal Processing. Delivering every bit of the big sound experience, the purists may resist, but a whole new generation of music lovers will feel right at home as they plug their devices in and start rockin the house. We expect to convert a whole new group of young enthusiasts to the world of high fi.


     The Little Browns are modeled after an old set of speakers that have been in the Burwell family for many years. We always loved to bring along something to listen to tailgating or camping, and the little brown set fit in the backseat unlike the big black A7’s that needed a pickup truck. More appropriately sized for a smaller venue, the little browns filled many a campground or stadium parking lot quite nicely.


     The goal is a design that will lend itself to production line techniques to keep costs down. With a simpler design for the horns on the drawing board, one could upgrade to the Homage version of our horns that the Little Browns are shown with here. A removable grill will be included

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