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Homosexual Sheepbus

Burnin Man - B.A.A.A.H.S. ART BUS

     We were commissioned by a group of gentlemen we met through the NwBlk design gallery to build a sound system for an art bus project they were building for the Burning Man festival in the deserts of Nevada. Having borrowed our little brown set the previous year, they got a taste of the Burwell horn sound experience and were ready to step it up a notch. What fun!


     They showed us the plans and suggested the system should accommodate up to 1000 people or so. These guys had a serious organization set up as an LLC with architects, engineers, welders, and carpenters on their team. Their attorney drew up our contract. Let’s Rock !


     These guys drove a hard bargain, and haggled us down quite a bit so we got our hands on some older theater style loudspeakers that needed some work, but would fit the bill. The system would be built into the side of the sheep with the DJ booth and small dance floor on top. A world class laser light show to be provided by others. These guys know how to party.


     The “mains” consisted of two stacked sets of JBL 4560 cabinets fitted with 15” 16 ohm JBL woofers, reinforced by two big Harbinger bass bins with 18" Gauss drivers. The left and right sides were topped off with big ole 3’ JBL baby butt horns with massive 2"drivers. For the bottom end, we found huge old “Earthquake” sub woofers and fitted them with 18” Gauss drivers we had.


     For those who have never attended Burning Man, I would recommend it. I've never been, but Gordon Jr. went that year with complimentary tickets from the Sheep Guys and has gone every year since. As we were building their system, they invited us to a number of events at various industrial sites in Oakland where many of the Burning Man projects were built. What a world! 60’ tall, fire breathing metal sculptures, life sized pirate ships on wheels, western style saloons, all built to be broken down and shipped to the desert for a 10 day party and brought back home. How very cool !


     Burwell and Sons Loudspeakers. Big Sound Big Fun!

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