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"The horns alone are lust objects."

"The Burwell Homages...were beautiful, hand wrought, and like their makers, were lively and dripping with character."

"...while they appear amazing in photos

it’s when you see them in person that you

simply cannot stop staring at them.

The level of aesthetic sophistication in the design execution is eye watering in its beauty.

Not only do they sound exquisite in their tone, their timbre, their vocal reproduction, speed, dynamics, and ability to portray a huge, deep soundstage, they possess

pinpoint accuracy in instrument placement,

and they speak to the listener.

They implore one to put aside one’s analytical capacities, and instead submit to an emotional engagement. "

"These are unlike any other audio product I know of."

- Jack Roberts

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"It doesn’t seem to matter what you put in front of Gordon Burwell Sr’s loudspeaker designs, they just take it all in stride, and translate what they’re being given with finesse, honesty, and a simple equation of emotions that will leave you smiling time, and time again."

"Tin Pan Alley was playing when I entered....this was flat out the best I had ever heard this cut."

"I've been listening to the combo of a 2-way 15" horn woofer with a horn tweeter for 40 years, mostly in the studio, and this is the best version of that type of speaker I've ever encountered."

- Paul Stubbelbine - The Tape Project

" I don’t know of a single speaker at the show that sounded more beautiful, was more fun to listen to, and certainly no other speaker looked as good."

- Jack Roberts

"You’re also rewarded by a horn speaker whose drivers integrate seamlessly ... If you’re used to an Altec A7, this is very much like finding out that Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and Bigfoot are all real."

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